Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weird symptoms like foot cramps, shivers? explained


Foot cramps? Shivers? They're usually just a nuisance, but here's what these strange symptoms may be trying to tell you (and how to get rid of them). By Stacey Colino
You Get Light-Headed When You Stand Up Quickly
The explanation:
You could be mildly dehydrated. Or you might have orthostatic hypotension (a.k.a. postural hypotension), which occurs when blood rushes to your feet and away from your head as you stand up suddenly. (People with low blood pressure can be especially prone to this phenomenon.)
The fix: Drink plenty of fluids and be sure that when you stand up, you do it slowly, says Donnica Moore, a physician in Far Hills, New Jersey. If you see stars anyway, grab a table or a chair to stabilize yourself or sit back down.
When to see a doctor: If the light-headedness persists or if you actually faint.
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You Sometimes Get a Painful Swelling Under Your Arm
The explanation: It could be due to a plugged hair follicle or an ingrown hair in your armpit (from shaving, for example) or a swollen lymph node (from an infection).
The fix: Try putting a warm compress on it several times a day and see if it goes away within a week, says Teng.
When to see a doctor: If it lasts longer or if it worsens (and gets red or irritated). "It could be a sign of a breast infection, a cyst, or a tumor," says Teng.
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Your Hands Get Sweaty in Certain Situations
The explanation:
Sweaty palms happen to everyone now and then, and they're a normal response to stress or a case of the jitters.
The fix: Taking a few minutes to try to relax—by breathing deeply, meditating, or visualizing a tranquil place—may help prevent or relieve the sweatiness, says Teng.
When to see a doctor: If your hands are constantly sweaty. You could have hyperhidrosis, a disorder involving excessive sweating of the hands, feet, or underarms. Applying an antiperspirant on the palms can treat the condition, says Roshini Raj, an assistant professor of medicine at New York University and the author of What the Yuck?! The Freaky & Fabulous Truth About Your Body ($20; So can a medication prescribed by your doctor. In very serious cases, surgery can remove the part of the nerve that's stimulating the sweat glands to become overactive.
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You Get Foot Cramps at Night
The explanation: A subtle electrolyte imbalance (involving potassium, magnesium, or calcium) or mild dehydration may be triggering these cramps, says Teng.
The fix: Get up and walk around, then massage the muscle to help it relax.
When to see a doctor: If you get them nightly or during the day when you walk. A condition such as a blood-clotting disorder or nerve damage could be to blame.
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Your Foot Goes Numb When You're on the Stair Master
The explanation: When you move your feet in a repetitive way during a workout, or if your shoes or laces are too tight, the "tiny nerves between your toes can get pinched as you put pressure on your foot," says Sabrina Strickland, an orthopedic surgeon at the Hospital for Special Surgery, in New York City, and that can make it feel uncomfortably numb.
The fix: During your workout, wiggle your toes in your shoes a few times—and loosen your laces if they're too tight.
When to see a doctor: If numbness happens during other activities or you can't make it go away. You could have a nerve problem in your foot.
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Your Body Jerks as You Fall Asleep
The explanation:
These hypnic jerks, or sleep starts, probably stem from nerves misfiring as your brain and body downshift into sleep mode. "An interruption in your brain's signal to your body to relax can cause the limbs and head to jerk," says Clete A. Kushida, M.D., the medical director of the Stanford Sleep Medicine Center, in Redwood City, California.
The fix: There's nothing you can do to prevent these harmless jerks. Fortunately, they last only a few seconds.
When to see a doctor: If they happen frequently or disturb your sleep, as they might be a sign of sleep apnea or periodic limb movement disorder.
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You Hear Ringing in Your Ears
The explanation:
It's probably tinnitus, a perceived buzzing or whooshing sound commonly caused by partial hearing loss, says Cristina Cabrera-Muffly, an otolaryngologist at the Cleveland Clinic. Medications, including aspirin and some antibiotics; allergies; and earwax buildup can be to blame.
The fix: There's no cure for tinnitus caused by hearing loss, but "stress-reduction techniques, such as biofeedback, may be useful to decrease your brain's perception of the sound," says Cabrera-Muffly.
When to see a doctor: If the ringing is only in one ear or is accompanied by vertigo, balance problems, or facial weakness. These symptoms could indicate an acoustic-nerve tumor.
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Your Jaw Cracks
The explanation:
The temporomandibular (jaw) joint that's in front of your ear is most likely to blame. "It cracks when the joint isn't moving correctly or fitting back into the socket properly," says Raj.
The fix: It should self-correct.
When to see a doctor: If it's accompanied by pain, headaches, or locking of the jaw. These symptoms could point to temporomandibular joint disorder, arthritis, or some other kind of joint damage that requires treatment (like wearing a mouth guard at night).
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You Have Floaters in Your Eyes
The explanation: Those little white specks that drift across your field of vision are probably just tiny pieces of tissue that stray into the vitreous, the jelly-filled chamber of each eye, says Ruth D. Williams, M.D., a spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology.
The fix: Your eye will probably reabsorb them (or you'll just stop noticing them).
When to see a doctor: If the floaters are black or are accompanied by flashing lights, which can signal a retinal tear.
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You Always Sneeze in Threes
The explanation: "Sneezing is a protective reflex," says Nathanael Horne, a physician in New York City. "There's something irritating in the nasal passages, and your nose wants to get rid of it." So you'll sneeze until the job gets done.
The fix: Sneeze! Once, twice, or four or more times—all are perfectly normal.
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Your Heart Races When You Wake Up Suddenly
The explanation:
"When you're startled, adrenaline kicks in, and your body's fight-or-flight response is suddenly turned on," says Moore. And, says Teng, if you wake up abruptly from REM sleep, when vivid dreams occur, your heart rate may be naturally elevated.
The fix: In either case, your heart rate should return to normal within a few minutes.
When to see a doctor: If you also have chest pain or dizziness.
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You Get Full-Body Shivers
The explanation:
"It's probably a momentary glitch in the body's ability to regulate its temperature," says Raj, especially if it lasts mere seconds. (This happens more during the menopausal transition, since "hormonal changes can make body-temperature regulation go haywire," says Raj.)
The fix: A shiver should go away on its own in a minute or two.
When to see a doctor: If a shiver lingers for days, which could signal an infection. "Just like a fever occurs with some illnesses," says Raj, "you can get chills when your immune cells release chemicals to fight off bugs." Treating the underlying infection should stop the shivers.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bertugas Untuk GLC Open Day 24-26 Jun 2011

untuk pengetahuan semua ni lastest update lah setakat ni,so esok insya'Allah berlangsungnye Hari Terbuka GLC yang telah memenatkan Mamaz selama beberapa minggu ni.tapi minggu ni la yang paling bz skali smpi keluarga pn kene berkorban skit.sory ye....Mama minta maaf sebab anak buka puasa pun tak dapat nak layan coz tak boleh balik on time kene stayback.

so selain bertugas dari awal perbincangan open day ni smpi la saat ini mmg byk benda yang berlaku biasa la nk buat event besar so the impact mesti besar gak kn? ade yang pening,demam,bergaduh,kecik ati dan mcm2 lagi...tersalah ukur meja pameran la,last minute request la....hmmm....

sekarang ni Mamaz bukan sahaja bertugas sebagai urusetia di ofis malah kena bertugas di KLCC pada sabtu pagi dan ahad petang....nasib la (sabtu) first kelas utk sem ni petang so lepas bertugas kene g menuntut ilmu la pulak,tapi kelas pagi ahad masih tak tau lagi gamaknye kene berkorbanlah...

so good luck and all the best for myself....juga jemputlah datang and jawap soalan2 yang disediakan mana tau ade rezeki dapat kereta,leh la bwk Mamaz jalan2,hehe....


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hari Terbuka GLC 24-26 Jun 2011


Mamaz lately ni busy sikit membuat persiapan Hari Terbuka GLC.
Mamaz bukan orang besar pun just jadi urusetia dalam membuat memo dan membantu bosses seperti memberi nama2 calon Pengurusan dan Pegawai/Kakitangan yang akan bertugas pada hari tersebut.

Ofis Mamaz company GLIC so terlibat membuat pameran pada hari tersebut.
Tapi Mamaz pun tak pasti akan bertugas tak pada hari tersebut rasanya tak payah kot (Alhamdulillah! kalalu tak perlu bertugas) lagipun Mamaz ada kelas minggu tu.

So sesiapa yang free tak tau nak kemana boleh la pergi ke Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) mana tau ada peluang2 kerja ke,business ke dan macam lagi ada....contest pun ada tau,kalau nak tau lebih lanjut boleh klik je kt Hari Terbuka GLC ni. Yang penting admission is free!

kepada sesiapa yang pergi memberikan sokongan ribuan terima kasih....
i love u all!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bercuti sebelum gaji ke selepas gaji?

Post kali ni berkenaan bercuti tanpa menjejaskan sangat kewangan anda.
Kawan-kawan Mamaz selalu kata yang Mamaz dan suami/keluarga asyik berjalan makan angin jer...hihi. know me! sementara ada rezeki jalanlah kalau dah takde esok duduk jelah kat rumah tapi masa tu mungkin dah tak rasa ralat hati nak tengok tempat orang sebab dah puas berjalan.

Mungkin orang rasa Mamaz banyak menggunakan kredit kad untuk semua ni.....tapi anda salah!
Mamaz memang takde walau sekeping pun kad kredit,yang ada Maybank ATM kad yang boleh buat debit kad tu jelah...Mamaz anggap diri ni tak layak nak guna kredit kad lagi buat masa ni.Moga hati ni tertutup lah sampai bila2 :-)

untuk pengetahuan semua, kebanyakan percutian Mamaz especially yang melibatkan kapal terbang yang warna merah putih tu.kalau orang nak kata naik yang murah2 aje pun kutuklah bukan orang yang bayarkan tiket tu pun.lagipun Mamaz pernah naik kapal terbang yang syarikat die tu ala2 bunyi nama Mamaz ke Bali.Mamaz rasa agaknya kaki Mamaz ni panjang sangat rasa sempit sikit la tapi tu dah lama tak tau la sekarang.

so u all tau jela kalau syarikat penerbangan merah putih tu punya tiket murah mesti nak book awal kan? so Mamaz punye percutian(yang naik kapal terbangla) tak pernah kurang dari 6 bulan selepas beli tiket. tapi apa2 pun kena tengok akaun dulu cukup tak duit nak beli tiket tu. lepas tu baru la tangan ni gatal buka online booking,tapi Alhamdulillah kawan-kawan terdekat Mamaz ni diorang percaya kat Mamaz so bagi pinjam kredit kad dorang untuk booking tiket.tapi faktor utama diorang ni percaya sebab Mamaz bayar 'on the spot' kat diorang. satu tips yang Mamaz boleh bagi ialah pilih waktu penerbangan yang convenience bukan setakat murah saja. dan tarikh pun memainkan peranan bagi Mamaz sebab kebanyakan orang suka ambil tarikh selepas gaji supaya nak jalan ada duit tapi Mamaz rasa eloklah kita pilih tarikh dalam seminggu dua sebelum percutian sebab kita mesti sakan berbelanja semasa bercuti kan?lepas balik tu masih beberapa minggu nak tunggu gaji kan?how to survive nak isi minyak kete lagi,makan lagi dan dsbnya kalau duit dah abis masa bercuti? kalau seminggu sebelum gaji maknanya balik je dalam 2-3 hari dah gaji so takla merana sangat selepas bercuti,amacam ok tak idea tu?

ape lagi langkah seterusnya? so Mamaz akan kira bajet untuk belanja di sana tapi kitorang setakat 3 orang ni apelah sangat belanjanya kan? katakan 6 bulan sebelum bercuti Mamaz akan asing kan duit dalam RM200-300 sampai masa nak bercuti dah ada la duit nak belanja di sana dalam RM1200-1800.
takkan tak cukup kot? tapi satu la Mamaz bagi tugasan bayar accomodation kat hubby la tapi setakat hotel yang standard room je baru berapa je kn?so fair n square la kan?hihi...btw thanks sayang! <3

setakat ni post Mamaz kali ni, Bye!
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